"The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are filled with confidence." - C.B. // Welcome to my blog. //


it’s 2014 why can’t we travel back in time yet to relive that one happy moment or to change the things we would have wanted to do differently 


*angles laptop away from whoever sits next to me*


"sorry miss i cant do pe today because i strained my eyebrow"


when you accidentally touch a piece of gum under a desk


"My problem is that I think too much. I overthink everything that crosses my path, everything that has crossed my path and everything that might cross my path in the future. I overthink yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s a habit that is slowly tearing me apart. The past keeps me up at night because I feel like I should’ve done things differently at the time, the present worries me because I feel like I’m not doing it differently right now, and ultimately the future terrifies me because I’m scared I won’t be doing things differently in the future, either.”
— It feels like a vicious circle; something I wrote last night. (via timbllr)
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